Leadership Victoria 2022 Award Winner Stu Gershman

Leadership Victoria
2022 Victoria Community Leadership Award Winner
Stu Gershman

Buddy Check for Jesse is proud to be a part of the Leadership Victoria community and Stu was honoured to receive a Victoria Community Leadership Award this year. This type of support is the way we promote social change – and what a change we can make when we support one another and promote social good. Our gratitude to Leadership Victoria for this recognition.

Consistent with Stu’s belief in what we do, he is constantly brainstorming on how to use acknowledgments such as this award to help us move our message forward and reach more youth athletes. Buddy Check for Jesse relies on the generosity of donors to keep our charity running and getting our message out. Every donation counts and every donation means that we can provide support to new teams, organizations and, most importantly, the many athletes who need to be seen and heard today and every day. 

Stu sends his sincerest gratitude to Leadership Victoria for this award and as always, thank you to YOU for being here, supporting us and helping us spread our message of kindness, compassion and mental health conversation.