Want to get involved?! GREAT!

We welcome every coach, manager, player or parent to join Buddy Check for Jesse.

Anybody can initiate a Buddy Check talk – it’s super easy and can open up a conversation for your players!

It can take as little as 10-15 minutes of your team’s time to deliver the BCFJ message. And remember, you do not need special training to do it. You do not need to be a mental health professional.You are a coach! Your players will listen to you. That is all you require to make an impact!

Below are a few ways to bring Buddy Check to your sport. Please connect with us for other ideas and/or if you have suggestions on how to incorporate Buddy Check for your team.

Buddy Check Chats

Parents, team managers, players, and coaches can download and/or print resources and the coach can take it from there, one team at a time!

Our Coaches Notes, Posters, and buddy cards are provided for you as a free downloadable resource , so please feel free to download the resources from the website for use with your team.

Plan a Buddy Check Event

Encourage your association to organize a Buddy Check Event. This is often a great addition to tournaments. Organizers from your sport would ensure coaches receive the Buddy Check Chat information, wallet cards, etc.

  • The BCFJ Team can help you:
  • Choose the timing of your BCFJ event.
  • Get your coaches on board.
  • Secure the Buddy Check for Jesse resources.
  • Build momentum and awareness of your event.
  • And more…so CONTACT US to start planning your event!

Please encourage the use of “green” with your athletes. This promotes unity and a common message. Ideas include green tape on hockey sticks, bats, racquets, green laces, green sweatbands or headbands. Please ask us for advice on how you can secure these items – we know people! 

You can also purchase t-shirts and hoodies for your team, family, and friends. All proceeds from store purchases go directly back to the Buddy Check for Jesse Society to help coaches support mental health.

REMEMBER! You can plan a BCFJ event at any time throughout the year. The message is more important than the date, your team is welcome to have a Buddy Check for Jesse event any time!

It’s best to have a Person In Charge for events. Buddy Check can help you plan these events – so if you would like to host an event – CONTACT US!

Become a Buddy Check for Jesse AMBASSADOR

Take a lead role in planning an awareness event.

We are so proud that many youth would like to advocate and promote awareness for Buddy Check for Jesse. If you’re a youth and want to help raise awareness for mental health in sport, please CONNECT WITH US.

We would love to support you and highlight you as an Ambassador.

    Become a Support, Partner or Fundraiser

    Please CLICK HERE for information on how to support with us or become a fundraiser with Buddy Check for Jesse.

    REMEMBER, the BCFJ message to the players BY THE COACHES is the key.

    Coaches, through the power of sport, can have a significant impact.

    Please CONTACT US with any questions so we can reach more youth with our message!

    If you are interested in supporting our program in any way, please CONTACT US as we are excited to speak with you!

    Please consider being a REGULAR DONOR. Donations help us promote our message and expand our outreach resources. Donations also help us supply resources for teams and associations.